Studio Policies

The Regional School of Ballet, Corvallis provides a fun and positive dance environment while teaching students to have a professional attitude.  Our studio policies are meant to strengthen and enhance the individual student’s experience in an enjoyable and structured group setting.

Studio Dress Code

The Regional School of Ballet Dress Code is designed to teach students discipline and to help with overall focus and energy.  The dress code minimizes distractions and creates a uniformed class look and it allows the teachers to see and correct the dancer’s alignment. 

Students will not be permitted into class without proper attire and hair worn in a bun or other style off the neck with bangs pulled back. Students are advised to wear street shoes going to and from class to help preserve the quality of the studio floors.

Dance attire and supplies are available for sale at

  • Regional School of Ballet

Performance Recital Hair & Make-Up

  • Hair back with no bangs and no shiny clips.
  • For Creative Movement thru Intermediate Ballet –  red blush and lips, eye brow pencil if dancer has light color eye brows.
  • Upper level Ballet Classes – heavy street make-up with neutral color eye shadow red blush and lips.
  • No underwear under tights
  • No jewelry
  • No nail polish.
  • No body glitter

Make up for Performances

Here’s some helpful tips on how to apply make up for performances for the Advanced Intermediate and Advanced Ballet Classes. For lower level classes, red lipstick and red checks is all that’s needed.

Ballet Buns

Getting that perfect ballet bun can be different for different people and different types of hair. Here’s a few videos. It’s best to practice these for class so you’re comfortable making a secure ballet bun for performances. We encourage all dancers to be learning to do their own ballet buns by the Advanced Intermediate class.