Regional School of Ballet of Corvallis Dance Tuition Policies

Enrollment: Enrollment is dependent upon class availability.  Once a dancer is registered, it is expected they will continue for the entire year.  If a student is dropping classes, please notify the instructor.

Payment Plan: Tuition can be paid on a quarterly payment plan.  Payment received after the due date is subject to a $10 late fee.

Tuition will be pro-rated if a dancer is enrolling after a session begins.

Refunds: No refunds will be given with the exception of overpayments.  Overpayments less than $10 will not be processed, but may be used towards future tuition.

Make-Up Classes: Missed classes must be made up during the same payment period and cannot be carried over to the next period.  Please check with your instructor for appropriate classes.

Family Discount: RSB offers a 25% discount to families with multiple students at the studio.  The dancer with the largest tuition pays the full amount and each additional direct family member receives the discount.

2019-2020 School Year Tuition

The school year is divided into 4 quarterly payments.  Tuition can be pro-rated for students enrolling mid-year.

9/11 – 1st payment due

11/1 – 2nd payment due

1/1 – 3rd payment due

3/1 – 4th payment due

Tuition payments per quarter

Creative Movement$82
1 Class/week$92
2 Classes/Week$174
3 Classes/Week$240
4 Classes/Week$315
5 Classes/Week$368
6 Classes/Week$418
7 Classes/Week$471
Drop In$15
Private Lesson$45
Private CBC Pilates/Reformer$45
Semi-Private CBC Pilates/Reformer$25
Annual Registration Fee$20