Regional School of Ballet of Corvallis Dance Tuition Policies

Enrollment: Enrollment is dependent upon class availability.  Once a dancer is registered, it is expected they will continue for the entire year.  If a student is dropping classes, please notify the instructor.

Payment Plan: Tuition can be paid on a quarterly payment plan.  Payment received after the due date is subject to a $10 late fee.

Refunds: No refunds will be given with the exception of overpayments.  Overpayments less than $10 will not be processed, but may be used towards future tuition. **if there are any Covid shut downs, credits will be made to the dancer’s account.

Make-Up Classes: Missed classes must be made up during the same payment period and cannot be carried over to the next period.  Please check with your instructor for appropriate classes.

Family Discount: RSB offers a 25% discount to families with multiple students at the studio.  The dancer with the largest tuition pays the full amount and each additional direct family member receives the discount.

School Year Quarterly Payment Due Dates

1st Pmt DueUpon Enrollment
2nd Pmt Due11/1
3rd Pmt Due1/1
4th Pmt Due3/1

Summer Tuition | June 19th – July 27th

ClassQty Pmt
Creative Movement 1 Class/week$53
1 Class/week$63
2 Classes/Week$120
3 Classes/Week$165
4 Classes/Week$216
5 Classes/Week$252
6 Classes/Week$287
7 Classes/Week$287
Drop In$15
Private Lesson$50
Semi-Private Lesson$30 ea